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We are unique in our ability to support partners with an end-to-end Edge and IoT portfolio.

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Realising the potential of Edge and IoT

The Edge and Internet of Things (IoT) presents a huge opportunity for channel partners to drive real value for their customers. It offers great potential to transform the way businesses operate, delivering invaluable data insights from objects which have been previously uncommunicative.

Arrow is unique in its position as an Edge and IoT channel enabler and aggregator, having access to a complete ecosystem of partners each skilled in different areas of Edge and IoT design and delivery, plus a comprehensive security practice which ensures sensor to sunset security. Arrow also offers the added benefit of extensive in-house skills, resources and expertise, locally and globally. These resources allow partners to navigate the complex Edge and IoT technology and vendor landscape with ease.

Partners can focus on their own area of expertise, working alongside complementary partners where needed to bring transformational solutions to market. Arrow brings all these elements together with extensive in-house Edge and IoT skills, resources and expertise, both locally and globally to ensure that all partners are working together effectively.

Working with Arrow

Arrow is ideally placed to demystify the Edge and IoT landscape. It is the only organisation with the technology solutions, the specialist expertise and the ecosystem of suppliers and partners to deliver an end-to-end, or “sensor to sunset” portfolio. Businesses can deploy, manage, monitor, analyse, secure and monetise connected devices and services throughout their lifecycle, all from Arrow.

Arrow’s strong relationships with Edge and IoT vendors allow partners to find and access partner programmes and resources, to make best use of the support available.

Internally, Arrow draws on a vast array of specialist talent located across divisions including solution architects who are focused on the customer’s big picture, components specialists who can advise and supply the sensors, protocols and connectivity elements of an Edge and IoT solution, technology specialists who can inform big data analytics, cybersecurity and cloud hosting decisions and engineers who will provide invaluable operational technology guidance.

Most importantly, Arrow continues to build an unparalleled ecosystem of Edge and IoT partners and suppliers capable of implementing cutting-edge, end-to-end Edge and IoT solutions across a variety of markets and industries.

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Expert design, engineering and technical support, including collaborative online tools and resources plus access to one of the world’s largest online databases of reference designs and component information.

Arrow’s comprehensive Edge and IoT portfolio consists of 64,000 products from over 800 partners to take customers from sensor to sunset.

Partners can use Arrow’s technology, expertise and support to design, build and deliver their own Edge and IoT solutions, without losing autonomy or control. Or they can take proven, pre-configured Edge and IoT solutions to market quickly.

Arrow’s component specialists can advise and supply the sensors, protocols, gateways and connectivity elements of an IoT solution, whilst network specialists and skilled engineers can inform network, cloud and hosting decisions.

Arrow has the capabilities and secure infrastructure in place to enable the connection of any device over any protocol, from edge to cloud.

Once connected, customers need to communicate with and manage their IoT technology. Arrow’s data management tools make it easy to organise and manage devices remotely.

Arrow’s skilled security practice ensures that every Edge and IoT project is protected at every stage, from device to gateway to cloud to data centre, in transit and every point in between.

Arrow is continually evolving and innovating to support its partners with access to the most comprehensive Edge and IoT portfolio and channel enablement resources in the industry. Arrow supports its partners by plugging the gaps in their own skill sets, whether that is helping them to build a successful Edge and IoT practice or providing access to the broad Edge and IoT ecosystem of specialists.

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