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Windows User Experience Monitoring

uberAgent is a Splunk agent for Windows end-user computing. It does not just collect data – it gives you the information that matters.

uberAgent provides its specific metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and application performance.

Experts in Data Monitoring

uberAgent tells you everything you need to know about physical PCs, virtual desktops, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View without affecting your systems’ user density. Whether it’s SBC, VDI or RDS: uberAgent covers it all.

Working with Arrow

As sole uberAgent distributor in Switzerland, Arrow ECS is ideally positioned to support the development of your business.

With an excellent and long-standing relationship with uberAgent, partnering with Arrow ECS provides you with true value-add services that can enable you to maximise your profitability and reach new market opportunities.

With continued updates, support and regular events, we aim to work with you to increase your expertise and market presence.

Working with Arrow ECS you will benefit from:

  • Update events and training
  • Support in Business development
  • Local marketing support and assistance with planning, requesting funding and executing demand generation campaigns

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To become a uberAgent partner or transition your business to Arrow ECS, please contact our Networks & Security team on +41 43 222 8000 or email sales.ecs.ch@arrow.com.

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uberAgent stands out from the crowd because it is not another me-too product, but gives administrators the information they actually need to improve user experience. uberAgent’s high-quality metrics include detailed logon duration and application launch performance, to name just two. But that is not all: uberAgent is built on a powerful platform, Splunk, which makes it possible to enrich uberAgent’s data with information from arbitrary other sources (think filers, firewalls, anything) and generate true operational intelligence.

  • Tells you exactly about everything relevant to user experience
  • Helps you identify trends that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by showing you what you need to know in one place
  • Shows you which applications are used when
  • Makes help desk and IT operations more effective
  • Supports IT pros with information they need for deep troubleshooting
  • Makes physical and virtual environments (VDI) comparable
  • Provides rich information vital for information security