Unique and powerful security solutions that combat today's advanced persistent threats.

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Taking a Different Approach Towards An Adaptive Threat Strategy

FireEye has been an integral vendor in Arrow’s security portfolio since 2014. During this time FireEye has provided Arrow partners with a wide range of unique and powerful security solutions which can complement, enhance and extend their traditional security offerings.

Leading The Way Against Advanced Persistent Threatsabout

FireEye cyber security solutions combat today's advanced persistent threats (APTs) by providing your customers with innovative security technologies, world-renowned expertise, and deep threat intelligence capabilities.

FireEye security solutions provide a deep understanding of cyberattacks and the threat actors responsible for them.

Working with Arrow and FireEye

Arrow is the sole distribution partner for FireEye in the UK and can provide FireEye reseller partners with an extensive range of commercial, technical and support services to help them to grow their FireEye business:

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FireEye Network Security Essentials provides affordable enterprise-class network protection against advanced attacks without overwhelming your customer’s security teams or their budget.

Network Security Essentials can detect and stop sophisticated, persistent attacks—the ones that traditional firewalls, AV software and IP systems can’t track.

The FireEye SSL Intercept appliance offers your customer’s protection against encrypted attacks by giving unparalleled visibility into selected SSL traffic to detect and block exploits, malware, and call-backs hiding inside.

FireEye Email Security is a store-and-forward email analysis solution that can dramatically reduce the risk of ‘spear fishing’ attacks against your customer’s employees, data and assets.

It uses FireEye’s unique MVX® Engine and Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI) to analyse every attachment and URL in every email.

FireEye Endpoint Security delivers advanced detection and prevention capabilities to help respond to threats that can bypass traditional endpoint defences.

With FireEye Endpoint Security your customers can have full visibility of known and un-known threats, from a single endpoint agent.

FireEye File Content Security products help prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks by scanning file content for signs of malicious threats.

It provides deep content security protection for online file shares, portable file storage and services such as SharePoint.

Cloud-based security platform for managing all security incidents - from alerting to remediation.

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Managed threat detection and defense services rely on first-hand data and insights to identify and effectively respond to well-staged threats.

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FireEye Threat Intelligence evaluates detailed information about attackers and victims as well as extensive machine-acquired data to provide you with this information.

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