Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud is the Cloud for smarter Business

What is IBM Cloud?

A full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments. Build with a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools, and draw on deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.

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Databases & Applications

Unlock the value of your data in new ways and accelerate your journey to AI


Make your data simple and accessible.

Collect data of every type regardless of where it lives, enabling flexibility in the face of ever-changing data sources.  -> Hybrid data management


Create a trusted analytics foundation

Organize all your data into a trusted, business-ready foundation with built-in governance, protection and compliance controls. -> Unified governance and integration      


Scale insights on demand with AI everywhere

Analyze your data in smarter ways and benefit from AI models that empower your teams to gain new insights and make better decisions. -> Business analytics and data science


Make your data ready for AI and the cloud

Modernize and simplify how you collect, organize and analyze data within a multicloud platform while unifying your AI models with the data they rely on. -> IBM Cloud Private for Data

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Data Security

IBM Security confidently faces cybersecurity threats, so you can confidently face your customers

When it comes to cybersecurity threats, no one is immune. In fact, the entire conversation has shifted from focusing on “if you’re attacked” to “how quickly you can respond.” And that’s not likely to change in the foreseeable future. The traditional security defense strategy to layer on point-product tool over another needs rethinking.  That’s why, in a field flooded with more than 1,200 product vendors, IBM® Security is helping clients develop an integrated and intelligent immune system.  It’s one in which enterprise security solutions work together to prevent and repair the damage cyber attacks can impose on your organization.


Detect and stop advanced threats before damage is done

With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated, it is only a matter of time before your organization is a target. Once your endpoints have been breached, every minute counts.IBM® can help you assess vulnerabilities, accelerate risk prioritization and respond to the security threat quickly across all endpoints – on and off the corporate network.

  • Monitor and secure every endpoint before, during and after an attack
  • Get real-time visibility and control across all endpoints
  • Gain advanced malware protection from threat identification until patches are in place

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Network Infrastructure

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Server & Storage

IBM offers a broad range of enterprise servers and storage solutions

Small enterprise servers

The most reliable on-premises infrastructure for today’s growing businesses.

  • Better price-performance than x86
  • Ideal design for mission-critical workloads
  • Perfect balance of performance and value

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Large enterprise servers

IBM large enterprise servers offer superior performance for demanding workloads.

  • Total protection for your core data
  • Easily handles massive demand spikes
  • Optimized for cognitive and HPC in private and hybrid cloud environments

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Scalable servers

Scalable hardware that can flex to support your company without sacrificing performance.

  • Industry leading speed and security
  • Flexible deployment and performance
  • Perfectly designed for your data center and emerging apps

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The world’s top companies rely on the IBM mainframe to deliver record uptime and availability.

  • Unmatched levels of data protection
  • Powers tough workloads like blockchain and AI
  • Trusted platform for digital transformation

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IBM Storage Solutions


Flash storage

New! Turbocharge flash access with NVME-oF for accelerated performance and lower latency. Deploy affordable, industry-leading flash backed by guarantees.

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Software-defined storage (SDS)

Manage data growth and enable multicloud initiatives with file, block and object solutions to modernize your infrastructure and support next-generation applications.

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Data protection software

Protect your critical business data with an integrated approach to backup and disaster recovery featuring quick installation, easy management and rapid data recovery.

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Hybrid storage arrays

Control costs with an optimized mix of storage media at an affordable price. With nearly unlimited hybrid configuration options, you can tailor a system to your specific needs.

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Storage area networks (SAN)

Capitalize on enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration with intelligent SAN switches, directors and routers to connect servers and storage systems.

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Tape storage

Improve data economics with tape storage solutions from the global market leader, including drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which makes tape as easy to use as disk.





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