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IGEL Thin and Zero Client Solutions - Engineered Around You!

IGEL provides the right solution for any environment, whether you’re looking for zero clients that enable optimized access to VDI, software thin clients for end-point standardization, or highly flexible thin clients with multi-protocol capability for access to different central IT infrastructures and cloud services. The IGEL Zero and Universal Desktop product lines combine state-of-the-art, highly efficient technologies and many years of expertise in engineering. IGEL’s mission is to provide customers maximum value and the greatest possible range of user benefits.

With decades of experience and targeted specialization in the thin client field, IGEL provides’ your customers with secure, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. The product portfolio is characterized by powerful, energy-saving hardware, stable firmware, and supplementary, value-added software. A long product and service life including up to 5 years warranty is standard for IGEL products.

One of IGEL’s product offerings very clearly illustrates the dedication to delivering real value to customers: the Universal Management Suite (UMS), the powerful, industry-leading client management platform, enables you to easily and efficiently manage all IGEL zero clients, Universal Desktop thin clients, and any PC’s you have converted using the Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software. This way you can offer your customers to manage their IGEL infrastructure remotely allowing them to outsource this task to you.

IGEL Technology

IGEL Technology is one of the world’s top three leading thin and zero client vendors. IGEL develops, produces and markets Linux- and Microsoft Windows based terminals allowing reliable, fast and secure access to virtualized desktops, cloud- and server based applications. IGELs Universal Desktop Converter Software (UDC) is the world’s most used software thin client with more than 150.000 installations. It allows to revitalize existing PC hardware as extend their service life as thin clients. The remote administration software IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) ensures the cost efficient, centralized remote configuration and administration of all local device and session settings of thin und zero clients as well as converted PCs. This reduces the administration requirements to a minimum, saves plenty of time and reduces the IT cost notably.


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