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Cryptshare is used most often via a plug-in to your e-mail system so that it is immediately available when needed but also enables the secure sharing of information from any device with a browser and on which e-mail is used.   Cryptshare makes your e-mail better by solving its known limitations and building on the undoubted value that makes e-mail our favourite communication tool. With Cryptshare e-mail is the solution not the problem.


In the past we used post services to send letters and parcels to our family, business partners, customers and suppliers. A trusted postal service extended our reach far beyond the local community and allowed our business to expand to new markets. But, post was slow and expensive so sometimes we would just send a post card which was cheaper; but of course the postcard was not confidential, it could be read by anybody who handled it and the contents were restricted to the small size of the card.

Today we use e-mail for business and in our private lives and we love it; it is universal easy to use is available wherever and whenever we want it. But e-mail has the same problems as the postcard. It is not secure and it does not handle larger files or contents at all well. In any organisation there are many documents that need to be shared securely and often the e-mail contents are sensitive and benefit from being kept private.

There is a gap in understanding of the limitations of e-mail in many organisations and the reasons why policies exist to prevent attaching large files to e-mails. There is much evidence in business that restrictive e-mail policies drive people to take unnecessary risks in sharing information when the e-mail system tells them ‘no’. Use of disposable media, consumer grade cloud services such as Drop Box or U-send it, or complex managed file transfer and e-mail encryption tools attempt to remedy the risks but these solutions struggle to find the balance between security, ease of use and cost.

Cryptshare makes e-mail better by solving these problem in a simple and cost effective way. Cryptshare is quick and easy to install in any organisation and is easy for all to use without any training. Cryptshare is highly secure and provides a clear audit trail of who has sent what to whom and when. It also provides clear notifications to senders of when files and e-mails have been delivered to and collected by the intended recipients. No more excuses!






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