Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2019


In 2019 and beyond, the biggest trends expected to have an impact on technology and security are the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning brought about by the ever-growing volume of data that can be processed and analyzed; the continued adoption of cloud computing by enterprises the world over; and the developments in smart devices, homes, and factories — to say nothing of the looming 2020 rollout of 5G, the latest phase of mobile communications geared toward further increasing internet speeds.

Furthermore, 2019 will be an important year for political developments including the finalization of Brexit and the holding of landmark elections in several countries. These technological and sociopolitical changes will have a direct impact on security issues in 2019. Cybercriminals are expected, as usual, to home in on these movements, where the opportunity for profit is likely, fast, and relatively easy to navigate.

In 2019, the implications of digital intrusions will be more far-reaching in terms of scope and consequence: Actual fraud using breached credentials will rise, more lives will be claimed as a result of sextortion, collateral damage will be observed as countries grow their cyber presence. Morever, the success of cyberpropaganda and fake news will have the power to decide the fate of nations. Consequently for enterprises, new challenges will include the lack of skilled manpower, which will cause budget pressure as they seek expert IT security staff; outsourcing will increase. Also, cyber insurance will experience unprecedented growth, since penalties for breaches and noncompliance are also expected to grow.

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